A senior #dog named Baby Girl has finally found a forever home after spending ov…

A senior #dog named Baby Girl has finally found a forever home after spending over six years living at a shelter in #Lufkin, #Texas.

Although Monica and Mark Deaton already have three pups, they recently added another to their pack, KTRE reported Sunday.

“It was immediate, I could tell. She reminded me of my elderly dog that passed at 17 and a half… with her… just her personality and everything. I was like, ‘yes, she’s coming home,’” Monica told the outlet.

Baby Girl lived at the Winnie Berry Humane Society since 2014 before being adopted last week.

“Just looking into her eyes, I couldn’t understand why she had been there so long. Looking at her, you just kinda knew that she would fit with the family. She just had part of it,” Monica recalled.

The shelter shared a photo of the lucky pup with Mark and two employees in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“The staff and board of directors at the Humane Society of Angelina County are so excited to announce that after 2,326 days at the shelter, our longest resident (since 2014) Baby Girl, has been adopted!!!” the shelter wrote.

The dog has since adjusted to life in her adoptive home and on the first night, curled up next to Mark.

“She was a lover. She loved us all. She just wanted us to cuddle with her and hug her and love on her all the time. She was just a really great dog here, and we’re going to miss her a lot,” commented Elizabeth Burns, the shelter’s supervisor.

Despite her long stay, the staff members never gave up trying to find Baby Girl a loving home.

“She is doing really good. She’s not aggressive. She walks around and she mingles with them,” Monica said of her other dogs. “When she gets all happy, she prances with them and acts like a puppy. Then curls up, like she is old the next minute, and it’s cute.”

Last year, a New York pizza shop put pictures of shelter dogs on their boxes to promote adoption. #binspirednews



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