A server at a restaurant in #Scottsdale, #Arizona, got the surprise of his life …

A server at a restaurant in #Scottsdale, #Arizona, got the surprise of his life from an extremely generous patron on Tuesday.

When Eggstasy restaurant employee Raymond Shepherd took a to-go order from a regular customer during his shift that morning, he did not sense anything out of the ordinary, according to Fox 5. “And then he kind of like, was writing behind the bag, we have a to-go bag that’s right in front of him, and he’s kind of writing his check,” Shepherd recalled, adding, “Honestly, he tried to get out of here pretty quick.” However, once the man left and he picked up the signed check, Shepherd could not believe what he saw written on the receipt for $69.91.

The kind-hearted customer had left him a tip of $1,000. “I froze like a statue when I was like walking. I picked up the check and I’m walking and I was just like … I look at it and I’m like how many zeros and I look up and he’s driving away and he looks at me for just a second,” Shepherd commented.

The man signed his name and those of his two daughters with a note that read, “Thank you from Georgia and Hattie Grace!” Shepherd, who is also a dad to two girls, said he has never received a tip quite this big. He added that because he is fearful of losing his job due to the #coronavirus outbreak, the gift could not have come at a better time. “With my other job being closed, this is perfect, perfect timing. So, does it go in the nest egg or does it go into my checking account to you know, help stay afloat?” he commented.

Now, Shepherd hopes the customer will allow him to show how grateful he is for the tip that meant so much to him. “First of all, I’d love to buy his breakfast. That is what I’ll be doing,” he concluded. #binspirednews



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  1. It says man, but the names are Georgia and Hattie Grace… Is there some hidden “a-gender” thing going on here? 😉

  2. My son is a server here in California. The restaurant closed on a Wednesday but 2 days before a patron gave my son a 500. Tip

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