A service dog was honored in a unique way by an elementary school in Gravette, A…

A service dog was honored in a unique way by an elementary school in Gravette, Arkansas.

When Jessica Burchette found out the medications her son, Treyton, took for a rare epileptic disorder were not working, she did not know what to do, reported WHNT.

Thankfully, the community heard about the family’s need and raised more than $15,000 in one night to purchase a service dog for the little boy.
Now, Tosha is an extremely important part of life for the fifth-grader, who suffers from frequent seizures. In early November, she barked to alert staff at Gravette Upper Elementary that her owner was seizing. A few minutes later, emergency personnel made it to the scene to help him. “It was just one of those moments — this is why she’s here,” said Principal Mandy Barrett.

Barrett said picture day with Tosha was quite entertaining. “I think we spent the entire afternoon laughing about how poised she was,” the principal recalled.

While most children would want to hug and pet the service dog, the kids at Gravette were instructed by her trainer to take Tosha seriously when she is working. “Every student took ownership in Tosha,” Barrett stated. “They’re learning such life lessons from this dog.” Treyton told reporters that he is grateful for his four-legged companion because she gave him his life back. “I just like having her around because I feel like I’m normal…I’m a normal kid,” he commented, adding, “She’s the best student.” Barrett said having a service dog in the halls is something very special for everyone at the school. “It’s new, it’s something different and truly an honor to be able to help a classmate. That’s what educators are here for. We’re here to make a life for these children, regardless of any medical diagnosis, of any need these kids have,” she concluded. #binspirednews



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