A seven-year-old #Missouri girl is being hailed as a hero after first responders…

A seven-year-old #Missouri girl is being hailed as a hero after first responders say her actions were responsible for saving her father’s life. “We’re just lucky that Lillie was home,” mother Samantha Davis told KY3.

Lillie Davis was hanging out at home last month when her father, Seth, went to go light a cigarette and began having a seizure.

Seth has had epilepsy since he was a child.

Luckily, Lillie had trained for an emergency such as this since she was five years old. “My dad was laying on the ground, so I went into my room to call mom,” Lillie told KY3.

Lillie called her mother, who called 911 from work, and the two of them went through a checklist. “I had said put your hand on his chest, to make sure that he is still breathing and she said that it was moving,” Samantha added. “I was like okay, are his lips blue? Because sometimes he’ll hold his breath when he’s having a seizure and she said, well his head is down on the ground and I said turn it so you can see his mouth, so she turned it.” Lillie had already opened the door for first responders when they arrived. “I’ve never seen it in my career — a child that young on her own, to know what to do in an emergency situation like that,” Lt. Vance Farmer of the Willow Springs Fire Department said.

Willow Springs Police and Fire recognized her bravery and life-saving actions by presenting her with a Certificate of Bravery.

Lillie is not the first kid at that young of an age to show remarkable bravery in saving family members. A six-year-old boy from Oklahoma showed off his bravery by saving his two younger cousins when the boat they were on exploded. #binspirednews



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