A six-year-old #Pennsylvania girl is spending her summer selling #lemonade, not …

A six-year-old #Pennsylvania girl is spending her summer selling #lemonade, not to raise money for a new toy, but to support her local fire department.

That is why Kali Karnatski of White Haven spent her weekend filling cups with pink lemonade and collecting donations to help the #WhiteHavenFireDepartment, WNEP reported.

“Because I wanted to, because they help other people, and I want to help them,” explained Kali.

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome, part of the reason why I wanted to bring the boys by here today, you know?” said Kristy Piccolotti of #WhiteHaven after she and her sons bought lemonade at the stand. “She’s doing a great job for a great community.”

The fire department primarily receives its funding through its social club. But because the #coronavirus #pandemic has placed a lot of restrictions on how the club can operate, it has impacted the department’s fundraising efforts.

Firefighters say the lemonade stand is “a huge boost” to their fundraising efforts.

“This is awesome. Absolutely awesome there’s no other way to describe it,” said Captain David Raudenbush with the White Haven Fire Department. “We are struggling a little bit with fundraising and our social club is our main support and with the restrictions, every little bit helps and this is a huge boost, huge.”

Overall, she raised more than $1,200 for her local fire department.

Kids from across the country are running lemonade stands to either support firefighters or law enforcement.

In North Dakota, one ten-year-old girl raised nearly $11,000 for her police department by running a lemonade stand, and in Ohio, three boys opened up a lemonade stand to raise money to help the family of a fallen police officer. #binspirednews



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