A #tattoo parlor in #Lincoln, #Nebraska, is helping to make sure healthcare work…

A #tattoo parlor in #Lincoln, #Nebraska, is helping to make sure healthcare workers have what they need during the #Chinese #coronavirus #pandemic.

When employees at #IronBrushTattoo heard that workers in the nonprofit health system Bryan Health were running low on supplies, they decided to help out in a big way.

Monday, the tattoo parlor donated about 29,000 medical gloves to the health center in desperate need of them. “Community is what we are about. We love Lincoln, we love our community,” the parlor said of its generous gift.

In addition, the business also gave 17,000 more of its gloves to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

Tuesday, KLKN reporter Marlo Lundak tweeted photos of parlor employees dropping off the boxes of gloves.

However, the recent donation is not the only way the parlor has helped its community members in the past.

Inside the business located on 16th and M streets, there is a machine called the Tattoo Oracle that dares customers to let it decide what design they will get. A portion of the money it collects goes to help local charities. “This option allows us to give a little bit back to the community that gives us so much so we’ve loaded it with amazing designs that we really crank out,” said tattoo artist Ann Loaris in January 2019.

At the time, the machine brought in a thousand dollars for the Food Bank of Lincoln in just one week, according to the charity’s Front Office Specialist Jami Gordon. “I love what they do, not only for us, but they are giving back to the whole community of Lincoln,” she noted.

Following its substantial donation on Monday, the Iron Brush said it hoped others would be inspired by its actions and do the same for people in need. “We know we’re all in this together,” the parlor concluded. #binspirednews



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  1. New Rule : if you are willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of old people, for the sake of the economy. You can never, ever call your self “pro live” again!

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