A teenager in #LakewoodRanch, #Florida, is using his artistic talent to support …

A teenager in #LakewoodRanch, #Florida, is using his artistic talent to support #homeless veterans in need across the country.

For the past eight months, 15-year-old Lorenzo Liberti has spent countless hours hand-carving American flags to sell while donating the money to help others.

Liberti said his heart was moved when he spoke to a homeless #veteran while serving at a local food pantry, according to his #HeroicFlags website:

“The encounter made an impression on me, “How could America abandon the service men and women who fought for our freedom”, I thought to myself. I wanted to do something about it but wasn’t sure how a 14 year-old boy could make an impact. During the summer, my prayers were answered! With no school to keep me busy, my dad suggested I find a DIY project to keep me occupied. One thing led to another and with a few modifications I created a unique wooden American flag. It looked so cool that my brother and all of my neighbors wanted one too!”

Now, the young man is on a mission to honor healthcare workers on the front lines of the #coronavirus #pandemic by creating flags for one hospital in all 50 states.

“Additionally, I will donate the net proceeds to support our forgotten heroes (homeless vets), as their needs have not diminished during the pandemic. I plan to support the Yellow Ribbon program at Turning Points in Bradenton, FL,” his #GoFundMe page read.

So far, the page has raised $7,957 of its $50,000 goal.

“I do it to support our heroes in general, the ones that are forgotten and everyone who risks their lives, day in and day out to make a better U.S.A,” he told Fox News on Tuesday.

The teenager said the project was bigger than himself, adding that he will keep making the flags for as long as he could.

“The day that I stop working is a day that a hero could be forgotten,” Liberti concluded. #binspirednews



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