A #Tennessee hospital will not bill its 82 #tornado victims for out-of-pocket co…

A #Tennessee hospital will not bill its 82 #tornado victims for out-of-pocket costs incurred from treatment related to deadly #tornadoes in the area.

#CookevilleRegionalMedicalCenter said it will bill patients’ insurance providers, but will not send patients a bill. Uninsured patients will also not receive a bill for outstanding medical costs. “We’re going to bill the insurance and accept the insurance payment as payment in full,” CFO Steve Ramey told the Herald-Citizen. “None of the patients will get a bill from us.” Ramey added that patients might still receive bills from the ambulance ride, independent physicians, and other hospitals if they were transferred, but stated that if patients receive a bill from #Cookeville Regional Medical Center they can let the business office know so the charges can be removed.

The National Weather Service says at least seven tornadoes struck middle Tennessee, killing 24 people and caused massive damage throughout Putnam County, where the damage was the strongest.

The strongest tornado from Monday night into Tuesday created 175 mile-per-hour (mph) winds and stretched out for eight miles in #PutnamCounty.

President Donald Trump surveyed the damage on the ground in #Putnam County on Friday, where 18 people died.

Tornadoes also hit Nashville and Wilson counties, as well as other counties in the state. #binspirednews



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17 thoughts on “A #Tennessee hospital will not bill its 82 #tornado victims for out-of-pocket co…

  1. Southerners taking care of their own, the Volunteer State, grace and kindness is alive and well there! But you heard all this on #msnbc and #cnn

  2. This is how the Founding Fathers believed the nation would act. Communities taking care of one another is so much better that the government because there is a closeness there.

  3. What a noble gesture and one that will make a huge difference in the lives of the victims.

  4. So awesome #cookevilleregionalmedicalcenter – you are setting a bar for how medical facilities should respond in a crisis. I hope others follow suit when treating patients of unforeseen circumstances and natural disasters in the future.

  5. Whoa! Wait a minute. I’ve been lead to believe that private medical were all greedy son’s a b!tches. What’s good on here.

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