A #Texas couple married for more than 60 years defeated the #coronavirus togethe…

A #Texas couple married for more than 60 years defeated the #coronavirus together — all while sharing the same hospital bedroom.

Andres Carrillo, 84, and Eva Carrillo, 83, were inseparable until they both came down with the coronavirus.

The couple’s daughter, Eliza Calpena, said Andres was admitted to the hospital shortly after testing positive for the coronavirus.

“What made me want to share this story is that there was a point where we didn’t think our dad was going to make it,” Calpena told KHOU. “When my mom was at home, all she was doing was crying, wanting to be with my dad.”

Soon after, Eva was admitted to the same hospital, although at first, the couple could not have felt further apart.

Calpena said the hospital was kind enough to reunite the couple and place them in the same room so they could recover together.

“My mom came in, and they told me my dad was just so happy to see my mom,” Calpena said.

The couple is now on the road to recovery at a local rehabilitation facility.

This San Antonio, Texas, couple is not the only one to be joined together by the coronavirus. In August 2020, a San Antonio, Texas, couple got married while the groom was fighting off the coronavirus.

A couple in Northern India also got married while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in December 2020 after the bride tested positive for the coronavirus. #binspirednews



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