A #Wisconsin boy was caught on camera saying that more kids should “listen to #P…

A #Wisconsin boy was caught on camera saying that more kids should “listen to #PresidentTrump” and stay at home with their “dads and moms” instead of playing with their friends. “They didn’t hear, they didn’t hear President #Trump. They didn’t watch it, I think,” the boy named Landen said in the video, referring to Trump’s briefings on the #coronavirus. “Why? What are they supposed to do?” the woman holding the camera asked him. “They were supposed to stay with their dads and moms,” he said, referring to all the kids he saw not practicing social distancing procedures. “Oh, well what did they do wrong?” the woman asked. “They played with each other.” he said.

Landen’s video response was turned into a public service announcement on the Washington County, Wisconsin, Facebook page encouraging more people to stay healthy by practicing social distancing guidelines of being six feet apart from each other and to tell children that it is okay to be close to their moms and dads. “If you see your friends, try to stay six feet apart and please make sure they are doing ok. Regularly scheduled roughhousing, play dates and tee times will be back soon. Thanks for keeping your family safe!” the post read in part. #binspirednews



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  2. Kid don’t be fooled. This coronavirus scare is deflating. Everyone back to work and students back to school. Plenty of damage has already be done to our economy and education

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