A Wisconsin teenager is being recognized for her generosity after she raised mon…

A Wisconsin teenager is being recognized for her generosity after she raised money to ensure police officers in Chicago are equipped with life-saving tourniquets.

Taylor Pflum, 15, recently heard the story of Chicago Police Officer Adam Wazny, who was allegedly shot at in the leg by suspect Michael Blackman, on September 21, Fox 32 Chicago reported. “The bleeding was severe. Had he not gotten to the hospital when he did, he probably would’ve died,” Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham said.
Wazny quickly applied a tourniquet to his leg while his partner applied pressure. Wazny was rushed to the hospital but survived the ordeal.

After spending a month undergoing multiple surgeries, Wazny was released from the hospital, CBS Chicago reported.

Taylor heard his story and found out that not all officers are equipped with these life-saving devices, so she sold handmade wooden pumpkins to raise money for the officers who did not have access to the device. “I feel that it is important to keep all Chicago police officers safe and that’s why all police officers should have tourniquets,” Taylor said.

The Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago thanked her on Tuesday afternoon for her generosity.

The money Taylor raised will be used to purchase five to six tourniquets, and she says she will keep raising money for first responders.

Meanwhile, Officer Wazny is continuing his recovery while spending time with family. He was also recently mentioned in a pro-police speech by President Donald Trump. #binspirednews



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