A woman in #Litchfield, #Minnesota, got the sweetest surprise from her husband …

❤️❤️❤️ A woman in #Litchfield, #Minnesota, got the sweetest surprise from her husband on March 26, the day she turned 84.

Since Jerry and Beverley Lindell’s wedding day 63 years ago, the two have never spent much time apart.

However, while Jerry, 84, underwent rehab at Meeker Manor Rehabilitation Center following a brief hospital stay, the two had to live separately, so Beverley went to visit him every day.
When the coronavirus pandemic forced the center to go on lockdown, Beverley was devastated and cried because she was unable to see her husband.

But as Jerry’s rehab period came to an end, the couple’s daughter, Loriee Barnes, helped her dad plan a big surprise for her mom’s #birthday.

The day he was released, Barnes drove him home and filmed the moment when the two sweethearts were finally reunited in their living room.

The video showed Jerry come in the front door as Beverley stood there in complete disbelief. “Hi honey!” she said as he approached her with a big bouquet of flowers. “Happy birthday honey,” he told her. “I can’t hug you though,” Beverley said as he walked towards her. “Why can’t you? I can hug you,” he explained, then wrapped his arms around her.

Moments later, Beverley began to sob as she hugged the man she had missed for so long. “I got to bring my dad home to my mom, it was pretty cool,” Barnes said of the birthday surprise.

Following the touching reunion, Meeker Manor Administrator Andrea Ross noted that the video meant a lot to her team members and residents who have been separated from their own families during the lockdown. “It’s hard to find words for it because it is so very special, and now more than ever,” she commented.

Since Jerry’s homecoming, the couple cannot stop holding hands when they are near each other. “I won’t let him go,” Beverley stated, adding, “He’s mine to keep.” #binspirednews



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