A woman in #SanFrancisco, #California, is feeling grateful after being reunited …

A woman in #SanFrancisco, #California, is feeling grateful after being reunited with her four-legged friend on Tuesday.

When 31-year-old Emilie Talermo’s miniature #AustralianShepherd went missing in December, she was devastated, according to USA Today.

The young woman had left the dog, named Jackson, tied to a bench outside a grocery store in the city’s Bernal Heights neighborhood, but when she returned, he was gone.
Talermo alerted police, then made and distributed flyers which offered a $7,000 reward for his return.

She even spent a reported $1,250 to hire a plane to fly over the Bay Area with a banner that read “bringjacksonhome.com,” the address of a website she created. “He’s always with me. It’s a very real love,” she said in December, adding, “I just need help finding him.” For the next few months, investigators with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) worked to locate the dog and got a break in the case when he was spotted in Los Angeles County. “Police were able to identify a suspect and make an arrest. Nicholas Bravo, 27, of Palmdale faces a felony grand theft charge. He was already in custody for an unrelated matter,” the USA Today article said.

Later, an unknown person reportedly surrendered Jackson to workers at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control in Palmdale, who then scanned his microchip and contacted Talermo.

Monday, a detective drove down to the shelter to retrieve the dog.

Tuesday, the department shared a video of the touching reunion between Jackson and his owner.

Despite some weight gain, Talermo said her dog was okay and added that the coronavirus isolation had been hard without him. “I’ve only had him back for a handful of hours now, but I haven’t slept at all because I’m listening to his little noises and I’m just so happy. Yeah, it makes a difference to have a #dog. I feel like everything is brighter again,” she continued.

Talermo also expressed her gratitude to the police and said the reunion could not have come at a better time since she was about to move back home to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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