A woman in #Yulee, #Florida, got a nice surprise Saturday when a #GoodSamaritan …

A woman in #Yulee, #Florida, got a nice surprise Saturday when a #GoodSamaritan showed up at her front door.

“It started at the Walmart in River City in North Jacksonville. Debra Crosby lost her wallet and realized it when she was about to check out. Luckily, she had some cash with her and was able to pay,” First Coast News reported.

As Crosby drove home from the store, she got an app notification that turned out to be a man returning the lost property to her house.

Doorbell video showed the man standing on her porch before he reached out and rang the bell. Moments later, the security system said, “Camera recording.”

The man leaned down into view and explained, “Hey, how you doing? I found your wallet at Walmart. Hey Miss Crosby, I found your wallet at Walmart in River City,” while holding up the item.

After waiting for a response, he told the camera, “Well, I’m gonna put it by the Amazon box,” then walked over and deposited it out of view before getting back into his vehicle.

“We hear about people not being honest with everything going on and I’m like, ‘Oh my God,’ This person went out of his way,” Crosby told reporters.

“I probably would have taken it to customer service. But he brought it all the way personally to my house. Concealed it. … Gave me a message of where he found it. And I thought that was a lot of above and beyond,” she stated.

Crosby shared the recording Monday on what appeared to be her Facebook page, with the caption: “My hero!!! Returning my wallet to the house personally.”

Her friends praised the man for his kind gesture, calling it “Awesome.”

“That’s amazing! Glad to see this.” one person commented.

“God Bless Him!!!” another said.




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