A young boy in #Hudsonville, #Michigan, got the sweetest surprise from his fath…

🐶❤️ A young boy in #Hudsonville, #Michigan, got the sweetest surprise from his father who passed away just days before he turned 13.

When Logan Kavaluskis lost his dad to cancer a few days before his birthday on January 13, he and his family were devastated.

Before his death, Logan’s father, Joe, had always known his son wanted a #dog, but since he was severely allergic to them, it was not an option.

However, Joe made arrangements to surprise Logan with the one thing he knew would give him comfort following his passing, according to the video’s description on YouTube.

In the video, Logan was handed a brown and white #BostonTerrier #puppy whom he thought was for his cousin Jon. “That’s from your dad; that’s your dog,” Jon told him as the young boy looked up in disbelief. “Really?” he said, cradling the pup in his arms. “He’s yours,” his cousin said as tears began to fill Logan’s eyes. “Really?” the boy asked again. “I swear to God,” Jon told him, adding, “Dad wanted you to have a puppy. You love him? He’s all yours.” Following his birthday surprise, Logan named his new best friend Indy and said he was the best gift his father ever gave him.

His mom, Melanie, is grateful for her husband’s gift because having a puppy in the house has made their home feel a little lighter during such a difficult time. “So much love, and comfort, and distraction, because we can’t sit still,” she commented. “Joe was an amazing husband and father who also had a passion for football. His ability to provide blinking lights and gadgets for every celebration was legendary,” his obituary read. “He will be dearly missed by his family and all who knew him,” the article concluded.

Now, Melanie said she is teaching her children to meet others’ needs, just like her beloved husband did for his own family. #binspirednews



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