A young girl in #GreatBritain is being hailed as a hero for saving her mother’s …

A young girl in #GreatBritain is being hailed as a hero for saving her mother’s life in November.

Seven-year-old Jessica Kinder was not feeling well and had stayed home from school. As she watched #TheGrinch, her mother, 32-year-old Becky Green, suddenly collapsed and had a seizure, according to Fox News. “I put a Christmas film on to make Jessica feel better and the last thing I remember is putting a cup of tea down for her, then I passed out,” Green recalled.

In an attempt to wake her mother, Jessica threw water on her face, then performed CPR, a procedure she learned from watching YouTube, according to Metro News.

Moments later, the little girl grabbed her mother’s cell phone and dialed the emergency number, 999. When paramedics arrived at their home, Green said she woke up to find a hysterical Jessica. “It must have been so stressful for her to see that but she stepped up and tried to save me,” she commented.

The young mom was rushed to the hospital and later diagnosed with epilepsy. “When I realized what had happened I asked her, ‘How did you know what to do?’ She said to me, ‘I saw someone do it on YouTube.’ I couldn’t believe it,” Green told reporters. “She likes watching videos and I know that she takes things in quite well but I had no idea she had watched a video about CPR. My little girl straddled me to do CPR because she thought I was dying. She knew she had to put all her weight on me from YouTube videos.” She added that if Jessica had not learned how to perform the life-saving technique, the outcome might have been different. “I’m so proud of her — I can’t believe how heroically she acted,” her mother concluded.

Once she returned to school, Jessica was given an award for her bravery. She now says she wants to become a doctor or nurse. #binspirednews



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