A young woman with Down syndrome is using her own health journey to inspire othe…

A young woman with Down syndrome is using her own health journey to inspire others to do the same in #McCloud, #California.

When doctors diagnosed 22-year-old Molly Glenn with diabetes and put her on medication, she decided to take back her health in a radical way, according to the Mount Shasta Herald.

With a little help from her parents and caregivers at Compass Supportive Living Services and Independent Living Services, Molly changed her diet, lowered her blood sugar levels, and also lost weight. “All this was made possible because of Compass,” said her mom, Carolyn. “Her behavior is so much better with less mood swings now. Before Compass, she didn’t like leaving the house. Now, she is very independent.” The Compass website stated that its goal is to help clients “make decisions about how and where they live their lives.” The independent young woman has even written a cookbook called Molly’s Healthy Living Cookbook so other people can enjoy her recipes and feel good about their choices.

Her menu lists foods like cauliflower fried rice, almond flour pancakes, pizza, and keto fudge. “Molly wanted to share her successful recipes. We are all about being part of the community. You don’t want to compromise taste but you want to be healthy,” said Compass Case Facilitator Steven Trujillo.

People like her are becoming more a part of American society and also living longer, according to the National Down Syndrome Society’s (NDSS) website.

Molly is a social butterfly who loves to spend time at the movies, taking trips to Disneyland, and being involved in her community.

With the help of her “life guides,” she is also able to live in her own house and go to work every day.

Molly’s mom said the cookbook is just one more way she shows love for her friends and neighbors. “The purpose of her cookbook is to help people,” she concluded. #binspirednews



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