Academy Award-winning actor #MatthewMcConaughey and his wife, #CamilaAlves, were…

Academy Award-winning actor #MatthewMcConaughey and his wife, #CamilaAlves, were pleased to help drive 110,000 masks to a group of rural Texas hospitals in great need of PPEs amid the #Chinese #coronavirus #pandemic.

Matthew McConaughey shared a photo of truck full of the supplies, and thanked Lincoln Motor Cars for their assistance. “Thanks to @lincoln for donating 110 thousand masks – me and @camilamcconaughey hitting the road to get em to rural hospitals in need across Texas,” the Gentleman star said.

McConaughey has been a great activist during the coronavirus scare. Several weeks ago, he donated 80,000 masks to first responders in Texas and Louisiana.
The Wolf of Wall Street star also sought to bring some joy to folks during the coronavirus lockdown, when he beamed in a live feed to a retirement home in Round Rock, Texas, to lead the residents in a game of Bingo.

McConaughey has been a big proponent of mask-wearing as a preventative measure during the coronavirus era. He even proclaimed that “science is behind us” on CNN. “Science is behind us right now and the mask is about letting science catch up,” McConaughey said. “It’s about helping the people on the frontline, don’t let happen what happened in New York where there’s two patients for every bed, we’ve got to buy time.” “A mask is a very good tool for that, and I have not heard any science saying that it’s not, so I don’t even know how there’s any real argument about wearing a mask or not,” McConaughey concluded. #binspirednews



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