Actor #EricStonestreet is doing his part to help during the response to the #cor…

Actor #EricStonestreet is doing his part to help during the response to the #coronavirus by donating 200,000 meals to a #KansasCity food bank.

Stonestreet, best known as #ModernFamily’s #CameronTucker, made his way to Twitter on Thursday to tell his fans of the donation and to urge others to “do what they can” to help those who need it most during this trying time. The actor told fans that he had donated to the Kansas City-based Harvesters food bank. “I’m only posting this to maybe motivate you to do what you can, when you can, if you can, to help vulnerable families in our community during this time,” Eric Stonestreet (@EricStonestreet) said. “Right now Harvesters is considered an essential service and they are working to get as much food to people as they can through mobile distributions (which means they put food directly into cars). They are buying all the food they can right now to meet that need.” A day earlier, Stonestreet took to Instagram to offer those folks who are self-quarantining at home a poem to help them through their trials. “Don’t be a bonehead. Be at home instead. Don’t be a punk. Hunk(er) Don’t be mean. Quarantine,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m just spitballing here. Oops, bad choice of words there. Brainstorming, I mean. Just be smart and be cool and the new cool is staying home and protecting our grandparents and others if you don’t have to be out or at work,” he added. #binspirednews



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14 thoughts on “Actor #EricStonestreet is doing his part to help during the response to the #cor…

  1. We are all feeling the affects of what’s going on in the world in some way. It’s times like this that a bit of encouragement or kind words can mean so very much to people.

  2. I only watched the first few seasons and I did not recognize him. Love the guy and his contribution is admirable, but boy did he grow.

  3. @leftshot18 And IMHO an incredibly stupid song at that. I couldn’t stand John Lennon and absolutely hate that song

  4. cool the homeless and those least effected will have food… Welfare recipients Disability recipients Family Benefits recipients aren’t going to see a loss of income that is guaranteed unlike the working families who don’t use food banks who will end up having to miss paid work days in order to quarantine and or isolate

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