After a deadly set of #tornadoes pummeled through #Tennessee, the #MinnesotaWild…

After a deadly set of #tornadoes pummeled through #Tennessee, the #MinnesotaWild and its owners wanted to see if there was anything they could do to help.

Before the team was set to square off against the #NashvillePredators, the Wild and its owners announced a $50,000 donation to the #CommunityFoundationofMiddleTennessee, one of the many charities providing relief efforts for those affected by the tornadoes in Tennessee, WCCO reported.

#TheWild #donated $25,000, and its owners Craig and Helen Leipold donated $25,000.
The #NationalHockeyLeague (#NHL) said it would match the team’s donation to support relief efforts.

At least 24 people were killed and dozens more listed as missing after the tornadoes tore through #Nashville and the surrounding areas early Tuesday morning, taking down power lines and destroying homes and businesses.

Tennessee Gov. #BillLee has declared a state of emergency in the state to tap emergency funds to help rebuild from the devastation.

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6 thoughts on “After a deadly set of #tornadoes pummeled through #Tennessee, the #MinnesotaWild…

  1. Wonderful!! So Glad someone is covering this in the News. Had to go back to cnn msn & nbc for a min to find out what was going on. Absolutely tragic. Thankful these folks care ❤️

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  3. Not like they could just give a million dollars or anything since they all make many millions… but it’s better than nothing ig

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