#America celebrated its #birthday over the weekend along with a woman in #Atlant…

#America celebrated its #birthday over the weekend along with a woman in #Atlanta, #Georgia, who turned 109 years old.

“Mirtie Ricks was born July 4, 1911 and turned 109 years old Saturday. Ricks grew up in LaFayette, Alabama but she now lives in the Ben Hill neighborhood in Atlanta,” according to WSB-TV.

Normally, her friends and family have a big party to celebrate each birthday, but this year was a little different because of the #coronavirus #pandemic.

“We were next door to her home at my brother’s house. People were able to speak and wish her birthday wishes through the screen door while she sit afar in a chair,” said friend Pamela Cleveland.

However, when Ricks celebrated her 107th birthday in 2018, her loved ones threw her a party to remember.

“She doing real good. She gets up every morning and gets herself washed up, and she feeds herself and put on her clothes. Her health is good. I think it’s better than mine,” Ricks’ daughter, Gladys Bradfield, said at the time.

“Living a long time must be in the family’s D.N.A. as her mother lived to be 100,” the article read.

Sunday, Facebook users wished Ricks a happy birthday and said she must have some amazing memories.

“Happy Birthday Miss Mirtie. Hope your day was just how you imagined it would be wonderful!! Wishing you the very best, God bless you and your family. Looking forward to sending you birthday wishes next year,” one person wrote.

“Happy Birthday! Wow, the things you have seen and lived through! Truly an amazing woman!!!!! You are the definition of strength, courage and love,” another commented.

Later, Cleveland said the family planned to have a big celebration once the pandemic was over.

“Ma Mirt is a blessing to her daughter and family as well,” she commented, adding, “We thank God for her life.” #binspirednews



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