An 11-year-old #dog is being called a very good boy after he helped save his eld…

An 11-year-old #dog is being called a very good boy after he helped save his elderly owner recently in #Glendale, #California.

Glendale sanitation worker Kirk White was going about his normal routine when a dog with golden fur came up to him, barking and making a fuss, according to ABC 7.

“Just the way he was barking and he would bark and look to the left like, ‘Hey, I have something to show you,’” the young man recalled.

Surveillance footage taken outside the house captured the dog, named Sandy, trying desperately to get White’s attention.

The dog wagged his tail and spun in circles as White pulled two large cans through the backyard.

Moments later, the sanitation worker realized something was wrong and followed Sandy as he led him to the front of the house.

The dog’s owner, 88-year-old Gwendola Morgan Johnson who found him as a stray, had fallen and was sitting in the hot sun.

“The minute the man walked up the driveway I said, ‘Go get him!’ and he did. He was awful nice,” Johnson said of White after he helped her get back on her feet.

Dogs have an ability to communicate with humans unlike any other creature in the animal kingdom, according to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) website.

“They can sense our emotions, read our facial expressions, and even follow our pointing gestures. They seem to possess a special skill for knowing exactly how we’re feeling,” the site read.

When a dog senses something about its owner, it exhibits body language such as barking, whining, jumping up, and wagging its tail.

Although White helped Johnson get off the ground, they both credited Sandy as the true hero.

When asked whether she believed the dog saved her life, Johnson said, “I don’t know. He certainly came to my rescue.”

Thanks to Sandy’s example, White said he wanted to start looking for a dog of his own soon.

“I’m gonna get one now,” he told ABC 7. #binspirednews



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