An animal shelter in #KansasCity, #Missouri, is now completely empty thanks to a…

An animal shelter in #KansasCity, #Missouri, is now completely empty thanks to a football player’s generous gift.

All of the adoptable dogs at the #Petco Adoption Center recently found their forever homes after #KansasCityChiefs defensive tackle #DerrickNnadi paid their adoption fees.

Nnadi’s kind-hearted gesture was in celebration of his team’s recent #SuperBowlLIV win in Miami, Florida, according to #Breitbart News.

As a young boy, his father taught him that it was a family tradition to give back to their neighbors, according to the Derrick Nnadi Foundation’s website. “The foundation aims to cultivate positive change in people’s lives, inspire children and families through meaningful interactions, and assist those in need,” its mission statement read.

Paying adoption fees for all the dogs in the city was something he had always wanted to do, #Nnadi said Friday during an interview on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. “I think personally, I’m a dog person, and I got two dogs of my own. A pit bull named Rocky about two years, and a bully named Saint who’s about a year and a couple months,” Nnadi said. “Saint, the name’s kind of backward because he just has so much energy and sometimes I can’t control them two because, say they get happy when they see me, I’m practically getting jumped with all their love. Man, it’s crazy,” he commented.

The #SuperBowl champion also noted that it made him feel good to be able to help dogs in the area find loving homes where they could be part of a family. “It means a lot to me, it means the world to me,” he concluded. #binspirednews



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  1. You’re a good man Derrick. I’m going to have my grandsons read this post so they will understand that you are a man of integrity. You value what is honest, true, kind, and right, ahead of personal gain.

  2. Geez. Being a man without a team (Chargers moves to LA. Can’t do it), KC looks better n better! Between him and Mahomes and what he does, this team is a class act!! God bless them

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