An #anonymous #donor gifted a $500,000 home in #SantaClarita, #California, to a …

An #anonymous #donor gifted a $500,000 home in #SantaClarita, #California, to a #military family in need through a local #veterans’ organization.

Ernesto Trevizo, an #IraqWarVeteran, was scraping to get by in southern California with his family before he received the donation through Santa Clarita Veteran Services Collaborative, an organization that helps veterans with their transition into civilian life. “We’re so excited because now our kids get to enjoy the same schools that we grew up going to (and) get to enjoy the same environment that we grew up enjoying,” Trevizo said.

The donor of the home— estimated to be valued at $500,000— requested to stay anonymous. “I don’t know if they understand the magnitude of it, but they have literally changed somebody’s life… and I will never stop being thankful for it,” Trevizo said.

The organization also helped Trevizo find a job at a #VeteransAffairs office working to help other veterans in need.

Trevizo’s story is not uncommon, especially among nonprofits that give away mortgage-free homes to veterans.

The nonprofit Building Homes for Heroes donated a mortgage-free home to a #NavySEAL in December, and the #MilitaryWarriorsSupportFoundation gifted a mortgage-free home to an injured Army veteran in November. #binspirednews



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