An anonymous donor in Savannah, Georgia, who felt very generous this holiday sea…

An anonymous donor in Savannah, Georgia, who felt very generous this holiday season gave 72 acres of land to a horseback riding facility that works with the disabled.

The group, Horsin’ Around, received the 72 acres from a Savannah businessman who preferred to stay unnamed, WJCL reported. “We were looking, but not much out there we could afford. A realtor friend of mine put us in touch with a man who owns this property, and he had a heart for disabilities and offered us this land free and clear,” said Jill Stanberry, owner of Horsin’ Around.

The organization — which has been around since the year 2000 — says it uses horseback riding to work with people who have physical and mental disabilities to help their setbacks that cannot be treated in a clinical setting, according to its website.

A Coastal Courier report from 2015 also noted that it is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies almost completely on volunteers.

Employees say they are excited they can help more people with the additional land provided to them. “We’re talking about individuals who may not be able to walk or may not be able to walk normally, and we’re putting them on a horse that provides the movement of walking,” said Erin Dunn, certified therapy riding instructor for the group. “We lay them back on a horse, stretch everything open, stretch everything out, so they get that good posture, so they can breathe better, their heart and lungs work better, their digestive system works better,” she added.

Horsin’ Around expects to have its expanded facilities operational by the end of next year. #binspirednews



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