An anonymous donor is making sure needy families in Austin, #Texas, are able to …

An anonymous donor is making sure needy families in Austin, #Texas, are able to move forward with their lives. “We wish to stay anonymous and just would like the families to enjoy their holidays,” wrote the #secretSanta in an email Friday after donating $25,000 worth of Dell laptops, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The gift is part of the Austin American-Statesman’s annual Season for Caring event that helps families in the area fulfill their children’s #Christmas wish lists and provide whatever else they need to have a better life.

All of the families who participate were nominated by a local nonprofit organization.

The article continued: “The laptops will help the parents, too. Many, like Alicia Gonzales, 40, want to improve their job possibilities by going to school. Gonzales is one semester away from becoming a nurse. Others, like Maria Hekmati, 42, are strengthening their English fluency. She and her husband, Ahmed Kambiz Hekmati, came to the U.S. from Afghanistan after helping aid agencies from the U.S.” One of the Dell computers will be given to 25-year-old Eden Welply, who became quadriplegic after she was hit by a car in February. “Her laptop will be ideal for voice activation and programs to design music,” the article stated.

The program’s Facebook page said its mission is to “help families through the nonprofit agencies that support them become self-sufficient.” Since the program began in 1999, “readers have generously donated more than 11 million dollars in cash and in-kind goods and services, all of which have benefited the featured families and hundreds of others like them who are also supported by these agencies,” according to its website.

Cash donations are used to buy grocery gift cards, pay utility bills, and provide medical care for families trying to get back on their feet. “They helped out my family in a time of need,” Joann Escamilla wrote in a Facebook recommendation. “I was able to donate and I will continue to donate,” she concluded. #binspirednews



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