An #Arizona man inspired to do good went to #Texas, which has been storm-ravaged…

An #Arizona man inspired to do good went to #Texas, which has been storm-ravaged in recent days, to repair water-damaged homes.

Jordan Orta, who owns Tru Grit Restoration, says he called a Texas property management company to see if they needed any help after the treacherous winter storm.

When the company said yes, Orta began his 16-hour drive to Dallas, Texas, without hesitation, KSAZ reported.

Orta said he could not stand by and do nothing after he heard about the storm’s impact on Texas and how people were being displaced from their homes.

He is currently working on a flooded condo as a remnant of the storm that left hundreds of thousands without power and with severe water damage to their homes.

“Really damaged from all the water, so just this one. But I’m sure, I’m sure there’s others around here that have the same problem. I just don’t know about it,” Orta said about his current project.

He plans to stay in Texas for as long as he has the equipment that it takes to get the job done. But he says he does not have much to work with.

“I was trying to buy, you know, a lot of equipment, and I can’t. I can’t find any … if I don’t have the equipment to dry out somebody’s house, there’s not too much you can do,” Orta said.

Orta says he is calling other Texas companies for help, and he is not expecting a paycheck for his work for at least three months.

Orta is not the only Good Samaritan who came in to help Texans in distress. At least three Good Samaritans based out of Houston either offered to donate money or fix broken water pipes free-of-charge. #binspirednews



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