An off duty #California Highway Patrol (#CHP) officer is being praised for his q…

An off duty #California Highway Patrol (#CHP) officer is being praised for his quick thinking in a life or death situation over the weekend.

When Officer Brent Donley set out for a hike near Bass Lake in Madera County on Saturday, he had no idea he would later save a man’s life.

The officer was called upon to assist a hiker who had fallen into a whirlpool at Angel Falls after he misjudged the swift current that was moving at 50 to 80 feet per second.

Tense video footage showed the moment Donley, who was trained in search and rescue, attempted to pull the young man to safety using a strap from his backpack that he tied to a branch.

As Donley sat at the water’s edge, he threw the stick to the man whose head bobbed just above the freezing water. He then calmly talked the hiker through the rescue.

Once the man grabbed onto the stick, someone behind the camera yelled, “Hold on tight!” Others near Donley helped by holding onto him as he began pulling the hiker through the rushing water.

Moments later, a man wearing a dark colored hoodie leaned forward and took hold of the hiker’s arm while Donley brought them both to safety.

Following the rescue, the officer stayed with the 24-year-old hiker and administered first aid until Search and Rescue deputies and EMS arrived at the scene, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook. “We sincerely thank Officer Donley for his quick-thinking and preparedness. This Search and Rescue call could have ended very badly if not for his help,” the post read.

Additional video footage showed two deputies later retrieving the victim’s backpack from the whirlpool. “Please – if you are planning on visiting the mountains – do not attempt to cross swift water and make safety part of your plan,” the department concluded. #binspirednews



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