As the #Chinese #coronavirus continues to crush #Americans and cause a massive h…

As the #Chinese #coronavirus continues to crush #Americans and cause a massive health crisis, putting pressure on the country’s health care system, several #Hollywood #celebrities are donating large amounts of money to causes dedicated to helping those in need.

From donating to food banks feeding poor families to millions for research to find treatments for the virus that’s killed, as of this writing, 6,000 Americans, here’s 13 celebrities stepping up to help in these difficult times.

1. #OprahWinfrey is cutting a giant check of $10 million.

2. #LeonardoDiCaprio is helping launch America’s Food Fund, for which has already raised $12 million.

3. #AngelinaJolie donated $1 million to the organization No Kid Hungry.

4. #Rihanna’s charitable organization is donating $5 million.

5. #ArnoldSchwarzenegger has donated $1 million to the Frontline Responders Fund.

6. #RyanReynolds and #BlakeLively have donated $1 million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, and are now donating an additional $400,000 to four hospitals in the New York City area.

7. #JessicaAlba’s business has donated three million diapers, as well as other essential supplies.

8. #Madonna donated $1 million.

9. #MileyCyrus has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics seeking to donate $10 million.

10. #DollyParton donated $1 million to #VanderbiltUniversity Medical Center, so that it can go toward research into finding a cure.

11. #KylieJenner is donating $1 million to Los Angeles area health care professionals.

12. #Ciara and #RussellWilson are donating 1 million meals to the Seattle food bank Food Lifeline.

13. #KellyRipa and #MarkConsuelos have donated $1 million.

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20 thoughts on “As the #Chinese #coronavirus continues to crush #Americans and cause a massive h…

  1. @b_inspired_news Most of them are on sealed indictments! Crimes against children! Trump saves the children and the world!

  2. Write a made up article about what I say I’m doing!! “ @boomboom_bmc Is working toward donating billions and billions of dollars to help some organization that has existed for years and does nothing. Specifically, to help in this crisis”

  3. Would be nice to see if some of these charities and funds actually do anything to help right now or if the funds line someones pocket. Let’s see some oversight to these donations.

  4. Kylie Jenner has more money than God, but can only spare a million…. I was raised to truly give from the heart, you don’t let anybody know… you give without publicizing it.
    Maybe other celebs will try to out-do the other and give as well.

  5. a bunch of miserable people on this post …my goodness! NEWSFLASH ! NO ONE OWES YOU anything! Be thankful private citizens are donating….negativity and jealousy won’t get you far! You are responsible for your families, no one else! ..

  6. Where’s Bloomberg now? Where’s all his money that he spent on his campaign advertising? Where’s his donation?

  7. Na bro. These people are corrupt fucks who are just trying to look good before they get hit with the indictments

  8. Why are so many People so Negative when Ur Government dont give a $!@#÷=× about You or Yoyr Family…sometimes people with money will HELP before ur President and his Government..Lord knows my Disable Son LIVES bc of the Wilson’s!!! So Some Celebs are Legit..EveryBody please be Safe and may God continue to Bless You All!!!!

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