At just nine years old, Brooklyn Talley has already started and grown a business…

At just nine years old, Brooklyn Talley has already started and grown a business that has made more than $1,000 in a few weeks and has given some money back to the community.

Brooklyn decided to use some of the money she raised from her jewelry business, #LittleCharmers, and donate it to #DaybreakDayton, a homeless shelter and guidance center for at-risk youth and teens.

“I picked #Daybreak to #donate to because I wanted to help homeless people in need,” Brooklyn told WDTN. “It makes me very happy because I get to help people, and I get to make people happy.”

Through Little Charmers, she makes her own #jewelry and gets many requests for “mask chains.” She takes 50 percent of all her proceeds and gives it away to a #charity. So far, she has donated $1,000 to charity.

She had already donated to Caitlin’s Smiles, a charity that provides hospitalized children with kits containing arts and crafts and homemade cards.

But Brooklyn’s most recent donation is already making a big impact on Daybreak Dayton, proving that people can make a difference no matter how old they are.

“That was tremendously generous,” said Joan Schiml, Chief Development Officer of Daybreak Dayton. “Because $500 is a good amount of money for anyone to give. The money goes to use right away; it goes to things like keeping the shelter open, and keeping the shelter stocked with food.”

Brooklyn’s next charity she plans to donate to once she reaches her fundraising goal is #SwimforLifeOhio, which provides free swimming lessons and teaches water safety to underprivileged children in #Ohio.




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