#BreitbartNews Senior Editor-at-Large #JoelPollak told #DennisPrager that the me…

#BreitbartNews Senior Editor-at-Large #JoelPollak told #DennisPrager that the media should honor American faith during times of crisis, lamenting broad disparagement of religious convictions by news outlets during the #coronavirus outbreak.

#America can draw strength from spiritual resources to take on national challenges, said Pollak on Thursday’s edition of Dennis Prager’s show, carried on the Salem Radio Network.

Pollak said: “I’d like to see a focus on what we can do to help one another. The biggest challenge is that the churches, synagogues, and mosques are closed. This is a new challenge, because in the United States we’ve always been able to draw on our spiritual resources to confront national challenges, and this is something we can’t do in our traditional setting, anymore, so people are turning online.” Pollak praised Prager’s role in helping people through the crisis by bringing faith into the public sphere in a non-threatening way: “It’s where, I think, you have a particularly important role to play, because there’s no public intellectual who’s done more to connect faith and politics in a very open and accessible way than you have, and that’s exactly what we need. We need people to point to the spiritual lessons of the past and remind us that we can overcome this, that there are things we can do for one another, and that this is a test we will come out of stronger than before.” Pollak highlighted My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s call for Americans to pursue spiritual development during the coronavirus outbreak while speaking at the White House on Monday alongside President Donald Trump. “I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the word, read our Bibles, and spend time with our families,” said Lindell.




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16 thoughts on “#BreitbartNews Senior Editor-at-Large #JoelPollak told #DennisPrager that the me…

  1. I really appreciate Mr. Prager. #dennisprager you rock man!!!! God bless you even more.

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  3. I agree, Mr. Pollak! Some secularists don’t even realize that some of the very people they mock are the MOST motivated to give, help, and sacrifice, because of the love God has shown them!

  4. america was founded by our for fathers and the christian faith!!! but dems destroyed that n are still covering up the word God we need to go back to being christian country n have fsith

  5. Not so fast there. Our church has gone on-line in countless ways, Bible Studies on Zoom, worship services on You Tube, and leadership posting daily on Facebook. We also make calls to elderly shut-ins and help those who cannot get out to get groceries, etc. I read my daily devotions on Kindle. We are all set. This will be to God’s glory. Watch Him work.

  6. They should specify the cross and call out the ones who mock Christianity. They never will though

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  8. Times like these are when people turn to their faith for comfort and reassurance. I applaud Mr. Lindell’s suggestion and am saddened at the response he got. I am praying for our country and reading my Bible!

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