Bystanders applauded a group of U.S. #firefighters when they arrived at the airp…

Bystanders applauded a group of U.S. #firefighters when they arrived at the airport in #Sydney, #Australia, this week to help fight #bushfires in #Victoria.

Thursday, New South Wales Rural Fire Service (#NSWRFS) Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons tweeted video of the group as they walked through the crowd.

Those nearby cheered loudly to show their appreciation for the firefighters’ willingness to sacrifice time away from their homes and families. “I’ve a grandson and a niece who are firefighters, so I know who these people are,” one Twitter user commented. “They are all generous and sacrificing and noble; they are the best representatives of who we Americans can be. So glad our heroes are there to help our brothers and sisters in Oz. It’s what they do.” Monday, 20 firefighters with the Angeles National Forest left California to help stop the wildfires that have killed at least 23 people, according to Breitbart News.

The report continued: “This new team however is thought to be the first that puts shovels in the ground to dig fire breaks, starts back fires with drip torch cans, and hikes through deserted bushland with local firefighters. They will arrive as the runaway bushfires continue to convulse the country, leaving an area roughly double the size of Belgium burnt.” Firefighter Danielle Cardenas said even though it will be a learning experience, she felt ready to get to work. “Any time you go into a different environment where you’re not familiar with the topography and the fuels or even the weather, you have to be on edge a little bit,” she commented. “Just seeing the amount of destruction that’s happening and knowing that they need help makes you want to volunteer. It is 30 days for us probably and so that’s a little bit of time away from home but it’s worth it in the long run.” #binspirednews



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