COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit for Health Departments and other Public Health Partners

Resources for Sharing Real-Time Vaccine Information

Sharing information about COVID-19 vaccines in real time can be an important way to provide the public with constant, up-to-date information during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Find more resources and information about sharing real-time information, such as hosting virtual town halls and social media livestreams, and tailoring social media content.

Success Stories

The work you have been doing reflects the positive change and transformation in getting people vaccinated against COVID-19. We would like to promote your story to other groups working to disseminate COVID-19 vaccines so they may learn from your successes. Your success story could be used in PowerPoint presentations, social media, and other mediums to inspire other health departments in their vaccination efforts. Please email with the subject line, “CVCF Submission.”

Please include a contact person, jurisdiction/organization, and a short description of your COVID-19 vaccination program.

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