COVID-19 Vaccines May Make You Feel Sick

It is normal to feel sick after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

You may have a sore arm.

Put a cool, wet cloth on your sore arm.

A cool, wet cloth may make your arm feel better.

Move and use your arm.

Moving your arm may make it feel better.


You may have the chills.

You may have a fever.

Medicine may help your fever.

Drink plenty of water.


You may feel very tired.

You may need to rest.

You should feel better in a few days.


Some COVID-19 vaccines need 2 doses.

You may feel sick after dose 1.

You may feel sick after dose 2.

Make sure you get 2 doses if needed.


Get Help if You Feel Very Sick

Call your doctor if your arm hurts more each day.

Call your doctor if you are worried about how you feel.

Get help right away if you feel very sick.

Call 9-1-1 or the emergency department if you need help.

Tell the operator that you need help.

Tell the operator that you got a COVID-19 vaccine.

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