#Crayola launched a new set of #crayons on Thursday, ensuring that children of a…

#Crayola launched a new set of #crayons on Thursday, ensuring that children of any color can represent themselves in their art.

For decades, “peach” and “brown” were the only real choices for kids looking to color themselves into coloring books and drawings. Now, in partnership with CEO of MOB Beauty Victor Casale, Crayola now offers a set made specifically to cover a gamut of natural skin colors. From pale and rosy to rich golden browns, 24 shades have been tailored to match as many children as possible, regardless of race. “Throughout my career, I have systematically created shades that step down from light to deep by 4% to create a shade palette that captures all shades,” explained Casale: “I also have stepped the shades to have a pink, neutral and golden undertone to take into account the many varying ethnic skin tones. The shades are very precise, and differences can only be seen when applied to the face and compared to your own skin and not easily noticed on white paper when compared to each other.” Casale has a personal interest in the project, too. “As a kid, I had to use pink and brown crayons to try to get my color; it was almost impossible to do,” he remembered. “Also, as a product formulator for complexion products, I have witnessed the feeling people show when they find their skin shade. It gives them a sense of being acknowledged and represented.” “Inclusivity should be accessible for all ages and a discussion about diversity should be encouraged in order to foster a sense of belonging,” Casale told Good Morning America. “Whether at home or in a classroom this collection gives children a greater opportunity to accurately represent themselves through creativity and self-expression.” The “Colors of the World” set is available for pre-order, along with a 48-page coloring book. #binspirednews



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