Data on COVID-19 during Pregnancy: Birth and Infant Outcomes

About the Data

This page is updated monthly based on data collected through the first week of each month. These data are based on reported confirmed cases with laboratory evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in women during pregnancy, including on the day of delivery.

Jurisdictions submit data to CDC where they are processed and combined. Counts may fluctuate from month to month due to data quality and cleaning processes. Pregnancy status is determined through case investigations using the COVID-19 case report form and/or by matching reported cases with other sources of information, such as vital records (e.g., birth certificates or administrative data), to identify pregnancy status. Data are abstracted using standard forms; sources include routine public health investigations, vital records, laboratory reports, and medical records. Completeness of variables, particularly those ascertained through interviews or medical record abstraction, may vary by jurisdiction. Additional information on the methods used for collecting these data can be found in the following publications:

There is a delay between reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases and pregnancy outcome data due to the duration of pregnancy and ongoing data collection efforts. Pregnancies may still be ongoing or they could be lost to follow-up. Also, given that pregnancy outcomes may be determined through linkages to vital records, there is likely incomplete data on pregnancy losses. Because the majority of pregnant women with COVID-19 reported thus far experienced infection in the third trimester, ongoing surveillance is needed to assess effects of infections in early pregnancy, as well as assessing the longer-term outcomes of exposed infants.

For more information on how CDC collects COVID-19 surveillance data, see FAQ: COVID-19 Data and Surveillance.

For data on the impact of COVID-19 during pregnancy on pregnant women, see Data on COVID-19 during Pregnancy

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