#DeltaAirLines has decided to donate 200,000 pounds of its uneaten perishable an…

#DeltaAirLines has decided to donate 200,000 pounds of its uneaten perishable and nonperishable food as a result of the lack of passengers flying due to the #coronavirus #pandemic.

The Atlanta-based airline said it would be donating the uneaten food that goes on its airplanes and in its Sky Club to charities in Georgia and around the world, WSB reported.

#Delta said in a statement that it would send 200,000 pounds of food to community food banks, hospitals, and other organizations that support people in need, in addition to “those working tirelessly on the front lines of the #COVID19 pandemic.” Delta is working with a group called Feeding America, a nonprofit network that supports local food banks, to distribute the food. The airline is also working with foodservice providers Linton Hopkins, Sodexo, and Newrest to give them the resources they need for their communities.

In 2020, the airline had donated more than 200,000 of perishable food to Feeding America partner agencies and other charities, including Georgia Food and Resource Center and Carthage Crisis Center in Missouri.

Delta employees are also feeding their own by sending fresh Flight Fuel boxed meals to call center responders to support the workers responding to an unprecedented number of customers requesting to make a change to their flight plans. #binspirednews



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13 thoughts on “#DeltaAirLines has decided to donate 200,000 pounds of its uneaten perishable an…

  1. #deltaairlines is also treating their employees incredibly well AND seriously taking care of the Freq flyer members! Deltaairlineshasclass

  2. Well, to me this is what all large conglomerate billion dollar companies should be doing.. after all look how delta rips everyone off by charging for EVERYTHING when you fly Delta….

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  4. I think this crisis will help us all realize that we are capable of giving a little more to those in need.

  5. Especially with this great example! I’m confident Delta will remain my favorite airline when the dust settles from this battle.

  6. I wasn’t aware airlines had anything other than peanuts, pretzels and drinks on domestic flights anymore. Good for Delta!

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