#Firefighters in #Hutto, #Texas, took it upon themselves Sunday to finish a resi…

#Firefighters in #Hutto, #Texas, took it upon themselves Sunday to finish a resident’s yard work when he was unable to do it himself.

Bryan Palmer was in the middle of doing outside chores this weekend when the unexpected happened.

As he put aside his mower to take a quick break, his defibrillator went off. “I thought I hit something in the yard electrical at first because it hurts, trust me. It’s not a pleasant feeling when that thing goes off,” he recalled.

His daughter, Kayla, heard him screaming and ran toward the backyard to see what was wrong and found him clutching his chest. Moments later, she and her mother got him into a chair and dialed 911 for help.

Paramedics and several firefighters with #HuttoFireRescue soon arrived at the house.

Before taking him to the hospital, Bryan jokingly asked the men which of them was going to finish mowing his lawn. “And they all laughed and got a chuckle out of it,” he recalled, not knowing they would take his request seriously.

However, once Bryan was on his way to the hospital, Lt. Justin Torres, Jacob Pope, Chris Mank, and Brian Ruden finished the job.

Later, Kayla went to the hospital and showed her dad the video she took of the firefighters with his mower. “Nicest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said of the kind gesture.

The Hutto Fire Rescue’s goal is to “help people by working together,” its website stated.

Kayla said it was so nice to see community members helping each other in her own backyard. “It was the sweetest thing possible,” she commented.

Now, Bryan said he intends to thank the firefighters and pay it forward to those around him. #binspirednews



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  1. I love this! Sounds like something @downeyfiredepartment would do. I loved working with them while at the MDA. Those guys are the best!

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  3. I love these stories. Do you have a Facebook page for b-inspired news or anywhere else I can access and share them?

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