#Firefighters saved an 11-year-old girl from drowning in an icy lake Friday in #…

#Firefighters saved an 11-year-old girl from drowning in an icy lake Friday in #Milford, #Massachusetts.

When a man walking his #dog by #LouisaLake saw a little girl fall through the ice, he immediately called 911 for help.

She had been walking on the ice with her brother and cousin about 50 feet from shore when it gave way.

Thankfully, rescue crews arrived within minutes to save the girl who was up to her neck in the frigid water.

Firefighter Brendan Keefe, who has been with Milford Fire Rescue for a little over five years, donned his survival suit and waded out to rescue the child. “It was only until I got out there, that’s when I realized it was a little girl,” he recalled.

Once Keefe took hold of her, his fellow firefighters pulled the two back to shore.

The girl was then transported to the hospital for evaluation and is expected to recover.

Most of the time, victims become exhausted after falling through the ice because they struggle in vain to pull themselves out on top of it, according to the Milford Daily News. “There’s nothing to grab onto,” said Deputy Fire Chief Mark Nelson in 2016.

He added that the survival suits firefighters wear to perform the rescues are buoyant for a reason.

However, they do have one drawback. “You do get slightly wet in the suit, and it is a little chilly,” Nelson said at the time.

Following the rescue, Keefe said he was prepared because it was not the first time he had been submerged in Louisa Lake’s cold water. “For this scenario that happened today we train for it every year,” he noted.

Keefe also told reporters that Friday’s ice rescue was his first, adding that he was happy about the good outcome. “It just happened to be textbook and just went super smoothly,” he stated. #binspirednews



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