Flower shop employees in #Chillicothe, #Ohio, got a huge surprise on #Valentines…

Flower shop employees in #Chillicothe, #Ohio, got a huge surprise on #ValentinesDay when two anonymous donors paid them a visit.

The owners of Sweet William Blossom Boutique said a couple paid for hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise at their store on Sunday so that people unable to give a Valentine could, according to ABC 6.

“I’ve cried probably way too many times today over it,” said co-owner Anni McDonald.

The donors bought an entire rack of colorful flowers and the shop posted a photo of the bouquets on its Facebook page.

“Ok you guys… we just had someone anonymously pay for this rack of flowers for anyone who’s had a hard time this year & Valentine’s flowers just weren’t in the budget… we cried… please come & take these beauties,” the post read, adding, “People can be so beautiful!”

Following the announcement, it did not take long for the gifts to disappear from the shelves as people came by to take a free gift to their loved ones.

“All of the flowers that he donated are gone,” McDonald said just before 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, adding that the couple returned and bought even more.

“Then he bought forty boxes of strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries,” she explained.

“Holidays like this remind people sometimes what it’s taken away from them so I think he wanted and she wanted to really give back to people and bring some joy to people today who maybe wouldn’t have had it otherwise,” McDonald continued.

Facebook users praised the donors for their generosity and thoughtfulness on Valentine’s Day.

“What the world needs is love. Bless you for your giving heart. I’m sure you’ve made many people feel happy and loved today,” one person commented.

“I love this. Love our community! Thank you to the person that was so generous. You will be rewarded for your act of kindness,” another said. #binspirednews



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