Good samaritans across the nation are making sure healthcare workers have a plac…

Good samaritans across the nation are making sure healthcare workers have a place to stay as they battle the #coronavirus #pandemic.

When southern #California resident and respiratory therapist Gilbert Cerda realized that his contact with coronavirus patients might put his family at risk, he was not sure what to do, according to Fox 10. “It’s tough. You see your family every day, and you never think any of this,” he commented, adding, “You never think you’re going to be in this situation.” However, when he spoke with his family about finding a separate living situation for the time being, they came upon a post in a Facebook group called RVs 4 MDs To Fight The Coronavirus that was a possible solution.

In the post, RV owner Kathleen Moldenhauer expressed her desire to help healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic and offered to lend her home on wheels to someone who might need it. “I had heard about a couple of people doing it and thought that was the least I could do. I had the RV and I was hoping somebody could use it,” she said.

The Facebook group was started by Emily Phillips, who recently became concerned about her children being exposed to the virus due to her husband’s job as an emergency room doctor in Frisco, Texas.

Once she asked her friends if anyone had an RV they could borrow, someone offered them their camper and her husband has been staying in it ever since. “To be honest, it’s quite a swanky one. He’s starting to like it,” said his wife, who now spends her time matching other healthcare workers with RVs.

Wednesday, Moldenhauer dropped off her own RV at the Cerda’s home. “It’s my pleasure. I’m really happy I could do it,” she commented.

Thanks to her generosity, the Cerda family can rest easy and still be near each other during the health crisis. “We thank her so much. If I could call her every five minutes to tell her thank you, I would,” Gilbert concluded. #binspirednews



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  2. All these helpers look foolish while the boards of these medical institutions make 8 figure salaries.

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