Grocery retailer #Kroger announced that it would be giving its employees a “hero…

Grocery retailer #Kroger announced that it would be giving its employees a “hero bonus” for hours worked between Sunday and April 18.

The bonus is an added $2 per hour on top of the employees’ base rate of pay, WMAZ reported.

The announcement follows the grocery store chain’s previous statement that it would give employees a one-time appreciation bonus, giving full-time workers $300 and part-time workers $150, to be paid out on Thursday. “Over these past few weeks, our associates from across the country have shown us the true meaning of the word hero,” Tim Massa, Kroger’s chief people officer, said in a video posted on Twitter. “You have been nothing short of extraordinary.” “Our associates have displayed the true actions of a hero, working tirelessly on the front lines to ensure everyone has access to affordable, fresh food and essentials during this national emergency,” Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s chairman and CEO, said in a press release. “The Hero Bonus is just one more way we continue to convey our thanks and gratitude not only to our existing associates but also to the more than 30,000 new hires who have joined in the past two weeks and those who will soon join the Kroger Family of Companies,” the statement continued.

Boise, Idaho-based Albertson’s companies — the owner of Safeway — announced a similar $2-per-hour bonus for all non-union and union frontline workers starting March 20, the Denver Post reported. #binspirednews ❤️



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17 thoughts on “Grocery retailer #Kroger announced that it would be giving its employees a “hero…

  1. So many buisness pretend to care with bullshit hashtags or closing at the drop of a hat because they “care” leaving their employees up a creek. This should be national news

  2. Awesome , they so deserve every extra dollar ! Thank you so much for your hard work during this time !

  3. As a carpenter who has been out of work for over 2 weeks I thank god my wife got a job at fairway market right before this hit…. she gets $6 an hour hazard pay and is out only source of income now

  4. They should teach their employees to not lick their fingers when separating plastic bags.

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  6. What’s all this hero bullshit. For what going to work with a flu going round. I guess we’re all hero’s then

  7. Ocean State Job Lot is doing it, too, and giving customers the option to add 2% of their purchase to go to workers..good on these companies that are grateful to their staff!

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