Guide to Global Digital Tools for COVID-19 Response

The guide compares the District Health Information Software (DHIS2), the Surveillance, Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System (SORMAS), Go.Data, Open Data Kit (ODK), Epi Info, CommCare, KoboToolbox, Excel, and paper.  Each has been deployed in various countries for contact tracing, investigations, and/or, in the case of DHIS2 and SORMAS, national surveillance. Paper is also included because it continues to be used and there are a number of resources available online for the COVID-19 response.​

This guide is not meant to be an all encompassing guide to all available tools or features. Rather is it  focused on the primary tools that are being reported to CDC and the functions that are commonly asked about. It  is meant to be a dynamic resource that will be updated as additional tools are reported from the field offices and as additional questions about the functional elements arise.

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