High school custodian Samuel James was surprised on Monday with a new car, after…

High school custodian Samuel James was surprised on Monday with a new car, after the loss of his own forced him to walk to work.

James, #Citronelle High School’s (CHS) custodian of 13 years, was surprised with a replacement for his car in a video posted to the Citronelle High School Facebook page Monday. After the engine died in his sole vehicle, James walked to work every day. After sustaining an unspecified injury, that daily journey grew even more difficult.

When CHS English teacher Deborah Pippin and her husband decided to give away their 10-year-old Toyota Highlander, Principal Randy Campbell pointed them toward James.

“Was in a conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Pippin was talking about some recent purchase,” Principal Campbell recalled to FOX10 News. “They bought a couple new vehicles and they had this Highlander that they indicated they wanted to give to somebody and asked if I knew anybody. Sam was the first one in mind.”

In the video, a visibly emotional James offered the Pippins several consecutive hugs, while a teary Campbell looked on. “We at Citronelle High wanted to help him out and get him back on his feet,” the school wrote. “Thank you Sam for all your years of service and for keeping our athletic facilities and our grounds in great shape!”

“I just can’t think of somebody better, to be able to give it to and it’s going to be very special to see him have it,” said Pippin. James reiterated his gratitude, crediting both the Pippin family and God for compassion and help when he needed it most.

“I’ve been knowing this family for the good eight, nine years that I’ve been here and they’ve always been good to me,” he said. “I’m just thankful that the Lord sent them my way to let me get this right here. And I’m blessed to have this and blessed to have them as real good friends, the Pippins.” #binspirednews



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