#Hopkinton #Police Officer Rob Ekross personally ensured 7-year-old Carver St. P…

#Hopkinton #Police Officer Rob Ekross personally ensured 7-year-old Carver St. Pierre would not miss another birthday celebration because of #quarantine.

Aspiring police officer Carver missed last year’s birthday celebrations due to the ongoing #COVID-19 pandemic, but Hopkinton Police Officer Rob Ekross was not about to allow the second one pass without a surprise to brighten the day, WCVB reported.

Ekross spent his own time and money to buy and personally deliver gifts to the aspiring police officer on his seventh birthday, “all done under the watchful eye of Dad Tom, and older brother Grady, and of course Sandy the dog.”

The department posted pictures posted to Facebook early Tuesday morning, the department wished Carver a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday Carver and we look forward to your service as a Hopkinton Police Officer in 2035!” the official Hopkinton Police Department Facebook wrote.

Ekross is in good company: A similar story unfolded in Greenboro, North Carolina on Tuesday, when another future officer — six-year-old Cameron — was treated to a surprise visit to the Greensboro Police Department.

“I encourage him to chase his dreams,” Cameron’s mom Maegen Carn said of her son. “With everything going on I wanted to encourage him that he can be the change that we needed.” #binspirednews



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