In the midst of torn-down statues and vandalized buildings in riot-ridden #Portl…

In the midst of torn-down statues and vandalized buildings in riot-ridden #Portland, #Oregon, a homeless man donated a precious dollar to help rebuild. The homeless man donated to the #OregonHistoricalSociety whose windows were smashed in Sunday night’s Indigenous People’s Day of Rage riot.

Oregon Historical Society Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk told Fox 12 Oregon that the donation from the homeless man, identified in a hand-written note as Oscar, lifted his spirits after vandals smashed windows, threw lit flares into the building, and dragged an Afro-American Heritage Bicentennial Commerative Quilt into the streets.

Tymchuk told the reporter the quilt had been hand-sewn by 15 Black women from Portland in the 1970s. Vandals dragged the piece into the rain leaving it soaked. It is currently being assessed for possible restoration.

The museum director said many people reached out to make donations to help with repairs of the damage caused by rioters. “None have affected me as much as a gift from our neighbor, Oscar,” he told the Fox reporter.

Oscar donated one dollar that he said he earned by collecting bottles and turning them in for cash. In a hand-written note, Oscar said:

Hello, I’m homeless so I don’t have much to give you, just some of my bottle collecting money.

But I saw your windows got broken and I wanted to help.

You once gave me a free tour before the pandemic, so this is a thank you!

— Oscar @MyHomelessMeals

Oscar’s Twitter account tells the story of life on the streets during the coronavirus pandemic. He reacted to the news about his donation to the historical group by tweeting, “I’m famousGrinning face with smiling eyes.”

Sunday night’s Indigenous People’s Day of Rage riot led to the destruction of two historical presidential statues — those of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, Breitbart News reported. Rioters went on to smash the windows of the Oregon Historical Society, an Oregon State University police office, and other businesses in the downtown area. Sometime after 10 p.m. Sunday night, rioters fired gunshots into the windows of the #HerosAmericanCafe.




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