#Indianapolis firefighters on a Saturday training exercise helped a woman recove…

#Indianapolis firefighters on a Saturday training exercise helped a woman recover her titanium prosthetic leg from the #GeistReservoir.

The Indianapolis Star reported that IFD Tactical Team Seven was nearing the end of their two-hour training exercise out on the water when the #Indiana Department of Natural Resources asked for their help fishing out the prosthetic.

IFD Battalion Chief Rita L. Reith said a woman in her 40s lost the titanium leg, with an estimated value of $20,000, while boating on the Geist Reservoir on her family’s pontoon boat.

“Without hesitation, the crew gathered their dive equipment from the rescue truck and hopped into DNR’s boat,” Reith said. “With help from the owner of the leg, the crew was able to assess a general last known location and begin the search.”

Reith said the crew spent 20 minutes searching for the leg in zero visibility. They found beer bottles, sunglasses, and even an anchor along the way, WISH reported.

“After an hour, the divers and DNR were about ready to call off the search,” Reith said. “However, on the final pass for the third diver, the leg was located 20 feet down, about 100 yards off shore.”

Despite the potential loss of a valuable item, the woman maintained a good sense of humor while staying at the scene, WXIN reported. #binspirednews



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