Information about the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Demographic information from clinical trials

Clinical trials for the Moderna vaccine included people from the following racial and ethnic categories:

  • 79.4% White
  • 20% Hispanic/Latino
  • 9.7% African American
  • 4.7% Asian
  • <3% other races/ethnicities

Age and sex breakdown:

  • 52.6% male
  • 47.4% female
  • 25.3% 65 years and older

Most people who participated in the trials (82%) were considered to have an occupational risk of exposure, with 25.4% of them being healthcare workers.

Among people who participated in the clinical trials, 22.3% had at least one high-risk condition, which included lung disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, liver disease, or HIV infection. Four percent (4%) of participants had two or more high-risk conditions.

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