K-12 Schools COVID-19 Mitigation Toolkit

Toolkit Instructions

K-12 Schools COVID-19 Mitigation Toolkit

The information in this toolkit is based on:

Operating Schools During COVID-19: CDC’s Considerations
Strategies for Protecting K-12 School Staff from COVID-19

Schools are an important part of a community; therefore, this toolkit was designed to assist schools as they reopen for in-person learning. Public health officials, K-12 administrators, school district officials, and occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals can use this toolkit in its entirety or select sections based on local health needs and priorities.

This toolkit provides an at-a-glance resource as well as checklists to prepare schools to open for in-person instruction and to manage ongoing operations during COVID-19. Schools will need to determine how often they revisit these materials as the situation and guidance for COVID-19 changes in their communities.

Important notes:

  • Use of this toolkit is voluntary
  • This toolkit is not intended to assess regulatory compliance
  • This toolkit does not replace federal, state, tribal, local, or territorial health and safety or privacy and confidentiality laws, rules, and regulations with which schools must comply
  • This toolkit is not intended to infringe on constitutional and legal protections for religious private schools
  • This toolkit may be completed independently by school staff or in consultation with state, tribal, local, and territorial public health officials or OSH professionals
  • This toolkit may be tailored based on the local guidance and the school’s need for examining mitigation strategies
  • This toolkit emphasizes the importance of reviewing external factors, such as community transmission, when making decisions about school operations

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