Kim Jong Un gushed about holding Trump’s hand as the world watched: Woodward – Raw Story

President Donald Trump’s former Homeland Security official, Miles Taylor, explained that in his department, there were action plans ready to go for the coronavirus pandemic, but the president simply didn’t care.

“I would say this: people like to say that this administration is a roller coaster, but I think that’s very charitable,” Taylor explained. “People get off of a roller coaster, and they are alive. This is a runaway freight train, and the president is the conductor. That’s what’s happening right now. We have dead Americans because the president is so impulsive and incapable of leading. Again, the dam is starting to break here. People are realizing this isn’t just hyperbolic criticism of the president. People who served close to the president are saying this. What Bob [Woodward] got right in that book is he tracked down the key sources from the Jim Mattis to the Tony Faucis, who have seen this man behind the scenes, and he’s unable to lead in a crisis.”

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